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Wills and Trusts

Having an ineffective estate plan could cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees, litigation costs, and taxes. Additionally, if you do not have

a trust, your estate could be subject to probate court and all information could become public knowledge.


Our firm offers affordable prices and flat fees for estate planning and asset protection plans. Every person should have the following documents for their estate plans:

      Living revocable trust

      Pour-over will

      Durable power of attorney

      Power of attorney for health/living will

      HIPAA medical authorization


Serving states of Illinois and Wisconsin.




An integral part of the our practice includes advice concerning the preparation of wills and trusts. It's time to re-think your estate planning!


For many couples simple wills are sufficient to insure their property passes to loved ones. However, for those with minor children or special needs children, a trust may be more appropriate. We can advise you based on your unique needs.


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